Die Spukenden Habsburger

1010 Vienna, Austria Tour Date:
from/per person 30.00
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Sit down at a prestigious Café in a group of 10/12 people with Gabriele Hasmann, authoress of 16 books on spooky Viennese stories, and learn what you never imagined about one of the greatest dynasties of the world. No other clan numbered so many powerful royalties, clever strategists but also eccentric and really strange people, who made Austrian history also really colorful. Some of the Habsburgs can never rest in peace, they are haunting Vienna in different places, like old court castles or churches, where most of them got married or buried. Guests can expect exciting, sad or funny, but always interesting and strange stories. After the lecture (and your questions) you can dare to follow Gabriele to the scariest places in Vienna, where the ghosts of emperors, kings and princes might be seen.

More Details:

  • Expert Storyteller- Gabriele Hasmann
  • Sprache- Deutsch