The secrets of a dictator – Hitlers Vienna (English)

Innere Stadt, 1010 Vienna, Austria Tour Date: 2018-02-25
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Have you ever wondered, how could a not so talented painter become a dictator? What influenced Hitler to become the mass murderer he became?

In order to answer these questions (or at least try to), let us take you back in time and tell you about his years as an apprentice dictator in Vienna. In this fascinating tour, led by our guide Wolfgang, you will visit the places where Hitler was during his younger days. You will also learn about his interaction with the Jewish community and with the rest of the citizens as he rose to power.

The tour will take place on the 25th of February at 11:00-13:00. The full info package will be sent one day before the tour!

We are looking forward to seeing you there!

More Details:

  • Guide- Wolfgang
  • Language- English
  • Price- 15 Euros