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Secret Vienna Blog

Archive: Apr 2016

The spring of Schönbrunn and the story of its name

The spring of Schönbrunn and the story of its name img

Some say it was an artesian well for fresh water destined only to the Royal Court. Others talk of a natural spring. Nobody doubts this to be the origin of the name Schönbrunn. The story accordingly to the official website goes that the name reflects the exclamation made by young Emperor Matthias on discovering a spring in…

Round and round it goes…..

Round and round it goes img

A true Landmark of Vienna the panoramic wheel at the Prater. So big, so unique, so original! Distinctive! Mmmhh, think again. The Panoramic Wheel was built by a British engineer – Walter Bassett – who also built three more in London, Paris and Blackpool! Is Vienna’s the tallest? No.The oldest ? No.The original ? No, it was also…

Appointment with the monster of Vienna

Appointment with the monster of Vienna img

Legends are usually vague on details. Not in Vienna. The Basilisk’s incident has an address, a date and almost an exact time: Schönlaterngasse 7 in the early morning of June 12th 1212.Thanks to the blog Viennese Legends for The Legend of the Basilisk of Vienna. Now we can have all the details. Don’t worry: a young apprentice…