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Round and round it goes…..

Round and round it goes img

A true Landmark of Vienna the panoramic wheel at the Prater. So big, so unique, so original! Distinctive! Mmmhh, think again. The Panoramic Wheel was built by a British engineer – Walter Bassett – who also built three more in London, Paris and Blackpool! Is Vienna’s the tallest? No.The oldest ? No.The original ? No, it was also…

Appointment with the monster of Vienna

Appointment with the monster of Vienna img

Legends are usually vague on details. Not in Vienna. The Basilisk’s incident has an address, a date and almost an exact time: Schönlaterngasse 7 in the early morning of June 12th 1212.Thanks to the blog Viennese Legends for The Legend of the Basilisk of Vienna. Now we can have all the details. Don’t worry: a young apprentice…