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Archive: Dec 2017

The story of the Bartolotti-Partenfeld-Palais


Some weeks ago, we told you about the Esterházypalais: the only survivor of the baroque period in Vienna located in the Kärntnerstraße.  Well, there is another building that has a similar story, namely the Bartolotti-Partenfeld-Palais that is located in the corner of the Graben and the Dorotheergasse. While on the side of the Graben this…

Bunny chow and Bulgarian cheese at a market that doesn’t know how to spell its name

victor adler markt 2

Vienna has many great markets, but one of the least touristy has to be the Viktor-Adler-Markt in the 10th district. The market was founded all the way back in 1877 before being expanded in 1910, and maintains a vibrant and authentic flare. It consists of some 80 stands connected by small alleyways filled with friendly…

The story of Berti and Mimi


Have you heard of Berti and Mimi? He was a Duke and she was a member of the Habsburg family. They married in 1766 and the story goes that these two really loved each other and that they were also passionate art collectors. The story also goes that they started their art collection in 1776…

The story of the Esterházypalais

Esterházypalais pic

Baroque is unavoidable in Vienna. The seventeenth and eighteen centuries was, at least for some, a period of wealth and extravagance throughout the then empire, with the multitude of nobles and minor royals vying to leave their mark on the capital. These buildings are inescapable and admirable with their resplendent facades peppered with stucco and…

The story of the Andrássy Villa


Some days ago, your SV explorer came across a large villa located at Hohe Warte 3 in the district of Döbling (the 19th district). This is a large complex that faces two streets and, although the complex is closed, one could still see the building inside, which was in extremely bad shape.  And just right…

Taking tram 71 (or, how the Viennese die)

71er fahren

Have you ever heard the expression “mit dem 71er fahren”? You might assume that it just means to take the tram line 71, but the 71 has quite a reputation and “taking the 71” can be a rather grave undertaking (ha!). This is because for over 100 years, the 71 has been closely connected to…

Skiing inside of a train station: the story of Vienna’s Schneepalast

schneepalast oenb willinger

As temperatures drop, the Viennese start looking to the hills – specifically to Semmering and other nearby slopes for a day of skiing or snowboarding. Some 90 years ago, the Viennese didn’t have to look so far to find a place to ski, thanks to the world’s first indoor ski hall — which, as it…

Golden Hares and Jewish Ghettos

goldene hasel

Remarkable buildings with interesting architecture can be found all over Vienna. One such building that recently came to the attention of your Secret Vienna Explorer is a large red building with ornate doors at Grosse Pfarrgasse 19 in the 2nd district. The earliest mention of a house standing at the this spot comes from 1565,…