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Archive: Jan 2018

Otto Wagner’s Hofpavillon

City Tour of Vienna

Did you watch the famous new year’s concert on January 1? In addition to the many images of the national library, perhaps you remember the “Wiener Moderne” segment presented during the concert and also the ballet performance. This performance took place at the Hofpavillon (The Imperial Court Pavilion) at the station Hietzing of what used…

The story of the Margaretner Schloss

City Tour of Vienna

The Margaretner Schloss in Vienna’s fifth district is quite famous as it has a nice and old architecture and part of it is known as the Schlossquadrat, where some restaurants are located. At some point before the 16th century the building complex located here was known as the Margaretner Schloss, but the complex that stands…

The story of the Hall of the Muses

Vienna City Tours

The other day your SV explorer visited the Albertina and managed to visit some of the beautiful rooms of the building. One of these rooms is the Musensaal (“Hall of the Muses”) that, as the name suggests, hosts sculptures of the nine Greek goddesses who preside over the arts and sciences.  A sculpture of the…

The story of Concordia and its funeral business

City Tour of Vienna

Some weeks ago, we told you the story about the tram 71 and its close connection with death. Well, at that time there were also several private funeral homes that provided all types of services needed when a loved one would pass away. At the end of the 19th century, there were at least 80…

When in Wien…nein nein nein nicht??

Vienna Walking Tours

It’s a new year, and a new opportunity to learn some Wienerisch! An expression you have almost certainly heard at some point, but likely ignored if you didn’t understand it is: na no na ned! Only the Viennese could make German look so …un-German. This phrase is often shortened to ‘no na ned’, or just…