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Archive: Feb 2018

The story of Porcelain in Vienna

Vienna Walking Tours

One of the oft-forgotten perks of living in Vienna is that you are within walking distance from anything of note that happened in Europe for much of its history. Not that everything happened here. But as the imperial capital, it acted as a magnet for ideas, adventurers, fashions and obsessions. Their traces are everywhere, from…

The lady at “Ch. Demel‘s  Söhne“ (“Ch. Demel’s Sons”)

Vienna City Tours

If you walk along the Kohlmarkt you may see a lot of people waiting to enter a shop. You may not know why, but most likely you will check it out as your curiosity would get the better of you. At Kohlmarkt 14 you will read: “Demel”. A sweet world located here since 1887 and…

Porgy and Bess

Vienna City Tours

Vienna is the city of music. Part identity, part cliché, the saying stands true not only with regards to opera, waltz or classical music, but also to jazz. Riemergasse 11, 1010 is a well-known address for jazz lovers. It is the home of Porgy and Bess, a ‘Jazz and Music Club’ – as the venue…

The Beginning and End of the Vienna Circle

Vienna City Tours

It is not news that Vienna was long a center of intellectual inquiry and scientific advancement. One of the most influential groups of thinkers emerged in the interwar period around the philosopher and physicist Moritz Schlick. This group originally called itself the Ernst Mach Society, but it quickly came to be known as the Vienna…

Westlicht: “The Polaroid Project”

Vienna Walking Tours

‘To collect photographs is to collect the world’ – Susan Sontag Taking a photo with the phone and posting it on Instagram or other social media channels in anticipation for a gratifying like is probably more common these days than indoor plumbing. This ubiquity makes it difficult to remember (or for most millennials to imagine)…

The Danube in Vienna

Secret Vienna Tours

Unless Strauss junior had a problem perceiving colours, one can only assume he took creative license when naming his famous waltz: The Blue Danube. Not only the name is misleading, as the colour of the water is not blue. Also, the simple, beautiful tune hides a more capricious temperament, closer to its changing green-muddy shades….

Muse and lover: Maria Zimmermann’s memories of Gustav Klimt

City Tour of Vienna

Gustav Klimt is a legendary figure in Vienna these days, though he was already well-known in his lifetime – not only for his art, but also for his many lovers and the affairs he had with his models. One of these was Maria Zimmermann, who was not only a muse, but the mother of two…