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Archive: May 2018

Sex at the Secession

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The Secession building, with its recognizable goldleaf-covered sphere floating over the Linke Wienzeile, has courted scandal and intrigue since the very beginning. As an artistic movement, the Secession was a break with the traditional conservatism of the Austrian art scene and its orientation toward Historicism. Although the building itself, constructed in 1897/1898, has been generally…

The story of the Winterthur-Haus

Vienna City Tours

There are many landmarks in the city that most people have visited at some point. The Stephansdom is most likely on the top of everyone’s list and the Karlskirche is for sure not far away from it. Built in the 18th century, the Karlskirche is a beautiful baroque church located in the Karlsplatz area. Next…

The Heights of the Hochstrahlbrunnen

Vienna City Tours

There is no shortage of fountains around Vienna, but one of the largest and best known is the Hochstrahlbrunnen at Schwarzenbergplatz. Although it looks like a rather modern construction, it was actually built — in a matter of just 4 months – in 1873. Although it stands just in front of the Russian monument, it…

Karl Marx in Vienna

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The 5th of May 2018 marks the 200th anniversary of the birth of Karl Marx. Even if the man himself is said to have traveled to Vienna only once during the turbulent year that was 1848, his ideas travelled the world and, for better or worse, changed it irreversibly. Vienna’s relationship to the man and…

The story of the Curhaus

Vienna History Tours

There are several buildings surrounding the Stephansdom in the heart of Vienna. A particular building captured the attention of your SV explorer some days ago and most likely you have seen it. This building is the “Curhaus” located at Stephansplatz number 3. This is a baroque-style house that was built in 1738-1740. Before that, there…