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Archive: Jun 2018

Long live the Meidlinger L!

Vienna City Tours

One of the most distinctive dialects in Vienna is the one associated with the district of Meidling, and more specifically, the pronunciation of the Meidlinger L. This kind of L, which is most closely associated with Vienna’s 12th district, is linguistically considered a lateral apical-dental consonant, which gives it a distinctively heavy and almost over-pronounced…

The origins of ‘leiwand’

Vienna History Tours

One of the most classically Viennese words is the word “leiwand”. If you walk around the streets of Vienna long enough, you’re bound to hear someone utter phrases along the lines of: “Na, wie leiwand isn des bitte?” or “Oida, des is aber ned sehr leiwand!” …meaning, of course, “How cool is that?” and “Dude,…

The sculptures at the Esterházypark

City Tour of Vienna

Some months ago, we told you the story of the Elisabethbrücke, which crossed the Vienna river connecting the city center with the district of Wieden (4th district). The bridge, removed by 1897, was decorated with eight sculptures, which now can be seen flanking the Rathausplatz. These are not the only sculptures that had to leave…

A morning walk in the 2nd district

Vienna Walking Tours

How does your morning walk in Vienna look like? This is one SV explorer’s 30 minutes of jogging through Vienna’s second district’s history! A morning run around the block. 100m down the Kleine Pfarrgasse street, on the right, there is St Leopold church built by Emperor Leopold I in 1680, after evicting the Jews from…

Vienna, the morbid and morose

Vienna City Tours

The Viennese fascination with the morbid and morose is well-known. From the tram 71 transporting the dead to the central cemetery to the elaborate funeral and burial practices of the Habsburgs, death has always been a very present part of life in Vienna. A famous quote from the Viennese comedian Helmut Qualtinger gets right to…