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Secret Vienna Blog

Archive: Dec 2018

The story of the Neidhart Fresken


We have told you stories about places that were sort of forgotten and discovered again. Maybe you are curious and want to see one of those places. If yes, you should visit the “Neidhart Fresken” (Neidhart Frescoes). You see, in 1979 a flat was being refurbished in the city center and during this work plaster…

Renoir and the brazen thieves


Art theft is often a brazen act, not least because galleries and museums have extensive security systems and famous pieces of art tend to be recognizable and therefore impossible to sell. Nonetheless, even by those standards, a recent theft in Vienna takes the cake (or the painting!). On Monday, November 28 2018 at around 5pm,…

The origin of the word Tschick


There are many controversial topics splitting Austrian right now. One among them is for sure the discussion if smoking in restaurants should be allowed or not. If you ever heard about the topic in Vienna you probably came around the term “Tschick”. It is the common abbreviation for “cigarette”, jokeful and slightly pejorative (equivalent to…

The story of the Schwarzenbergplatz


Perhaps many of our SV followers are familiar with the famous TV Show “Game of Thrones” and know the life of the House Stark, which was part of the nobility that served the King. During the time of the Habsburgs there were also many “Starks” and one of the most famous noble families is the…