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Archive: Mar 2019

A crash, a boom, and a missing bridge

As spring arrives, people start heading out towards the Danube and other leisure areas in the city, often traveling by car across one of the many bridges spanning the land masses between the various arms of the mighty Danube. Although this shouldn’t be any cause for concern these days, some 43 years ago there was…

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March 29, 2019

Mark Rothko at the KHM

The Kunsthistorisches Museum has changed gears and is now spoiling art lovers with something slightly unexpected: an exhibition dedicated to the great American artist Mark Rothko. There is an explanation for having a master of Abstract Expressionism among the Rembrandts and the Bruegels of the Kunsthistorisches, if anybody needs it. And it has to do…

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March 29, 2019

The story of the Neue Burg

The Neue Burg… it does not matter from which direction you come to the Heldenplatz, the Neue Burg is an imposing building that was supposed to expand the living space of the imperial family and now hosts the national library and two museums. It was built between 1880 and the fall of the Habsburg empire……

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March 27, 2019

The story of the Setagayapark

The time of the cherry blossom is one of the highlights in the Japanese calendar and marks the beginning of spring. To celebrate this special time of the year, we want to introduce to you the Setagayapark, a little Japanese hideout in Vienna’s 19th district. The name simply alludes to the partnership between Döbling and the…

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March 26, 2019

Of Green Hunters and Drunken Cherubs

Walking along Praterstrasse, you might come along a rather ordinary building by Viennese standards, if not for the cherubs engaged in various amusements and activities across several panels of the façade. The house in question is located at Praterstrasse 27, and cherubim reliefs lead you to believe the building surely has some stories to tell,…

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March 25, 2019

The story of the Burgplatz

Just in case someone asks you about the chronology of the buildings located at the Burgplatz. Or perhaps you are just curious about this! Schweizerhof: 1200s Amalienburg: 1500s Leopoldinischer Trakt: 1600s Reichskanzleitrakt: 1700s      

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March 23, 2019

The story of Jungmann & Neffe

In several of our stories we have told you about businesses that have survived the 20th century. The mere fact that these businesses made it through this period must be considered a remarkable achievement as in many cases the world – literally – collapsed around them. One such business that survived is the textile company…

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March 21, 2019

Sky full of stones @ Stephansdom

(We recommend our Secret Vienna tour: The Secrets of the Stephansdom) On the occasion of the Lent that Catholics worldwide are celebrating right now, contemporary artist Peter Baldinger turned the vault of the St. Stephan Cathedral into an impressive Sky full of Stones. Altogether 1332 stones (which are made of paper) are attached to the…

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March 20, 2019

The story of the Börsendorfersaal

It is likely that most of our readers have passed by the Hochhaus Herrengasse, but perhaps you did not make it to the lobby of the building. There, you will find a memorial plaque about a place called the “Börsendorfersaal”. The name goes back to the company Bösendorfer, which is a well-known Austrian piano manufacturer….

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March 17, 2019

Visiting Vienna’s district museums

On Sunday March 17, the district museums of Vienna will be open to the public from 10 am until 4 pm.  There are 23 museums to visit and the overall theme of the event is “Zu Gast in Wien” (“As a visitor in Vienna”) .  Each museum offers different activities, including tours and special talks. …

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March 15, 2019

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