Archive: Jun 2019

Japanese Pagodas on the Danube


Now that the days are getting longer and warmer, its the perfect weather to go for a run or cycle along the Danube. One of the nicest places for this is the Donauinsel, which stretches some 21 kilometers in length between the Donau and the Neue Donau. If you go for a run here, especially…

On the Tabor


Have you ever wandered through the 2nd district and found yourself wondering what “Am Tabor” means? If you are well-versed in battle and defense terminology from the Middle Ages the meaning may already be clear to you, but the rest of you are likely left wondering ‘on the…what?’. As it turns out, a ‘Tabor’ refers…

The Story of Gerstner and the Opera


Some weeks ago, we told you that the Opera celebrated its 150th anniversary. And for this occasion, many activities were organized and many people wished the Opera all the best. As in every bday party, a cake could not be missing and this was the responsibility of the Gerstner K. u. K. Hofzuckerbäcker. Founded in…

Revitalizing the Donauplatte


Vienna is a city with lots of tradition, but simultaneously its also a city that is constantly renewing itself. One part of the city that is experiencing a great deal of development and change is the area around the DC Tower in the 22nd district. The construction in this area includes a revitalization of the…

The Story of Friedrich Schmidt


We have told you stories about some of the architects of the Baroque Vienna as well as of the Ringstraße period and some architects are, of course, more famous than others. One architect who is important, but perhaps less-known is Friedrich Schmidt. Born in Germany in 1825, he got a professorship at the Akademie der…