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A very special fencing

City Tour of Vienna

Summer time is construction, demolition, and refurbishment time. If you are in Vienna, you may have noticed that almost no stone remains unturned in summer, as it is the best time to do all the construction work that can’t be easily done in winter. Something very common at construction sites is a kind of fencing that surrounds the site and prevent strangers from accessing it. No big surprise and nothing special about it. But we are in Vienna and sometimes the mundane is more special. Your SV explorer was pleasantly surprised some days ago to see such walls surrounding part of the Vienna museum. No construction work seemed to be going on, but that typical fencing was there. But not just any fence. This fencing showed a panorama view of the city based on photographs that were taken from the Stephansdom’s tower. And not any photographs. These were reproductions from photographs that date back to 1860. The original work consists of 12 large photo shoots and are attributed to the photographer Leopold Weiss. We thank the Vienna Museum for making the ordinary so special! (Cr).




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