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Archeomuse: A unique culinary time travel experience


Meet Archeomuse

Archeomuse is a time travel into ancient cooking pots from the Stone-age to the Middle Ages in Europe, around the Mediterranean Sea and Mesopotamia. If you believe archaeology and history are boring and full of random dates and names, you haven’t participated in one of Archeomuse’s children workshops or cooking classes.

My name is Elisabeth Monamy and I am an archaeologist focusing on ancient cookery. It all started 2015 when I was asked to talk about the daily life of a Roman in the time of the Roman empire. I realised that archaeologists and researchers have a lot of knowledge which is not publicised. I decided to combine knowledge transfer and spending pleasant time in the form of an educational and creative activity. Without any business fundamentals or background, i managed to build up a one-woman business from scratch- from developing my website to organizing children workshops. I strive to enrich my followers through fascinating marketing content and blog articles which i write on a regular basis.



Ancient Cooking

What did the Romans eat? How did the cook? Which ingredients did they use and why? During my ancient cooking classes you will cook a whole menu from past times while hearing about ancient cooking habits. A true culinary time-travel.

Children Workshops

Children ages 6 and up have the chance to learn about one period in history while doing fun handcrafts which they get to take home as a souvenir. For teachers, we organize school visits and can do so for your class as soon as the schools reopen their doors.

With all the conferences, cooking classes and children workshops being cancelled due to the Covid19, Archeomuse cannot offer you its usual services. But what we can offer you is the possibility to watch a step by step preparation of a Mesopotamian dish from an ancient recipe. You can find our cooking video and more information on our blog ( Also, visit the website ( to get familiar with ancient cookery and enjoy the sizzling anticipation of meeting Archeomuse!



Purchase gift vouchers for a cooking class (per e-mail) ) or book a workshop for your children here HERE!

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And make sure to attend an antique cooking class or a workshop in Vienna when it’s again possible!

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