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Aurin shop: A fashion store and fair trade pioneer in the 7th district


Meet Aurin Shop

Vienna’s 7th district is known for its beautiful streets, artists workshops and boutique stores. One particularly colourful and unique fashion store is Aurin shop and you can find it right on Kirchengaße 25. The shop offers high quality, fair trade clothes to let you look great and also feel great about your consumption behaviour.

For years, Nura Kassoume has been passionate about two things- fashion and conscious consumption. In 2003, this passion resulted in opening her own store. Fair trade, production conditions or sustainability weren’t yet the big buzzwords they are today and Nura was a pioneer in the field. For almost 18 years, she was running the business with devotion for the cause, not following the trend but actually leading it.



A large variety of fair trade products

In Aurin shop you will find a large range of products- clothes, jewellery, sunglasses, even cosmetics. Each and every item for sale is selected with love and passion and is either hand-made, eco friendly or fair trade. Moreover, new products are consistently added to keep the store fresh and interesting. Some of these newer products including stainless steel drinking bottles, natural deodorant cream from Vienna, fair trade backpacks and much more.

Limited edition fashion labels

The store offers many small, independent labels, which are produced in limited editions. Aurin shop is the exclusive seller of many of these labels in Austria and so many of the products offered there cannot be found anywhere else! For Nura, it’s extremely important that each product will be individually unique and high in quality. Beside the diverse products, the great store ambience and friendly, personal service, make for a fantastic shopping experience.


At the moment, the best way to support Aurin shop is by coming and visiting the store. You will find it on  Kirchengaße 25, few minutes walk from the U3 metro station Neubaugasse.

If you can’t come physically, you can purchase vouchers directly from the website HERE!

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