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Basenbox: Healthy and tasty Alkaline based food for your body and soul


Meet Basenbox

Aside from staying at home and listening to the instructions, being healthy begins with eating healthy. This is exactly what Basenbox is all about. This great company stands for healthy, basic food and for making it as “tasty” as possible for as many people as possible in the simplest way possible.

The story of Basenbox began with its food and health mastermind Philippa. As a professional nutritionist, she discovered the immense advantages of Alkaline diet. Several successful tests later, in the beginning of 2016, she founded Basenbox together with her brother Leopold and their mutual friend Albrecht. In summer 2017 Lukas joined them to complete their winning team. Together, they set themselves the goal of spreading the idea of alkaline nutrition and its positive effects.


100% Organic products

The Basenbox put great emphasis on the quality of their products and ingredients. Their products are guaranteed to be 100% organic, designed together with specialists from the field. Their fruits and vegetables come from a local farm, the Adamah Biohof. The farm, located about 10 km from Vienna in Marchfeld, cultivates a wide range of vegetables, fruits, grains, pulses and herbs. Therefore, eating healthy Basenbox products means also supporting local suppliers and farmers which is just as important!

Buy ready meals at the nearest SPAR

The Alkaline Box is THE brand that stands for basic nutrition. One particularly unique service the company offers is their spa program in Vienna, including a delivery service. Moreover, the alkaline breakfasts and alkaline soups are now available at the supermarket SPAR. These are also the only alkaline ready meals in the refrigerated section.

If you feel like a healthy change, you can follow Basenbox on the social media or simply try out their great products. You can either order online or simply visit the SPAR near your home to get yourself a Basenbox meal.



Visit the Basenbox website to find more information and make an order HERE!

Join the Basenbox healthy community on Facebook HERE!

You can also follow their work on Instagram HERE!

And finally, go out and grab yourself a nice Alkaline box in the nearest SPAR!

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