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Beans: The coffee that brings you joy with every cup

Beans Coffee

Meet Beans

Most people nowadays cannot imagine beginning their day without a good cup of coffee. It’s just the energy boost we need to start our day right. For that reason, choosing the right coffee is extremely important and not something to take lightly! And that’s exactly why you should know about Beans.

Beans offers a diverse selection of over 75 different types of coffee from Italy: beans, ground, ESE pads for your home and for the office. The selection ranges from dark, intense roasts to southern Italian or to light, gentle espresso blends from the north. Coffee accessories as well as espresso maker, FrenchPress, filters and so much more can also be found in this Coffee location.

After 17 years of experience with Italian espresso roasts and espresso machines, Doris Schleger decided to give her love of coffee it’s own home : Beans. Since 2012, Beans has made the passion of the Italian coffee roaster tangible for its customers and shares the knowledge of the “black gold” with coffee lovers.



A desire for the perfect coffee

A Personal relation with coffee roasters is just as important as the knowledge of the special features of the individual preparation methods and types of coffee. In order to be able to offer the highest quality, they work with renowned and traditional, small Italian roasters. Whether ground, as a whole bean or ESE tab, Beans wants to fulfill the desire for a tasty, aromatic coffee for every form of preparation. They have also embraced and rediscovered the traditional preparation methods such as French Press, filters or Turkish mocha jugs.

Sharing the coffee knowledge

The aim is to share the coffee knowledge in a personal conversation with the customers and during a tasting, they find the right coffee for every type of client. Questions about preparation methods, grades and the types of coffee are very welcome. Beans has made its goal to find the right coffee for you – with you! Espresso or cappuccino lovers, tart and strong,  soft and chocolatey, every taste is different but they have it all.



Come and visit Beans at Landstrasser Hauptstrasse 81, 5min. from the Rochusmarkt.

Purchase coffee directly from Beans’ online shop HERE!

Follow and like Beans on Facebook HERE!

Follow Beans also on Instagram HERE!

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