Beginning – Vienna English Theatre

Beginning – a show on at the Vienna English Theatre

The word beginning can mean many things. But for Laura and Danny it means the beginning of a life together, a life starting shortly before Laura turns 40. The show Beginning is now on at the Vienna English Theatre, till the 22nd of October you can watch this show.

At a first glimpse it may seem as if this show is just another retelling of a midlife crisis. Two people are crossing paths, both are around their early 40s – Laura is 38, Danny is 42. And while both are clearly interested in one another, Danny can’t get himself to make the first move. He is back by his past experiences. But the story is so much more than that. It’s complex, surprisingly changing directions every now and then, and full of humour.

Over the 1 h 35 mins of the show, Danny and Laura expose themselves to one another. They share fears, trauma and anxiety. While Danny hasn’t seen his daughter in years, Laura desperately wants to have a child of her own. She pictures her life with Danny, who she’s madly into, while he is scared of her leaving him once a child enters their life. And those fears keep on reappearing throughout the show, even though the two barely know each other.

Those of you wanting to spend an evening filled with laughter, while being confronted with problems some may relate to, definitely should grasp the chance to watch this show. Click here for more information about the show.

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