Don’t fall in love at the Copa, Copa Cagrana


As winter wears on, many of us may start to dream of the blue waters and white sand beaches of less land-locked countries than Austria, but Vienna has its own cheeky and charming remedy: the Copa Cagrana. Taking its name from a too-clever-by-half portmanteau of the famous Brazilian Copacabana and the Vienna district in which…

Nixenbrunnen Palais Ferstel


As we mentioned in another story recently, one of the unique features of the Palais Ferstel is the covered shopping arcade that runs through it, and is open to the public. At the time it was built, this passage was intended to be something like a bazaar with many small merchants selling their wares –…

Vienna Philharmonic New Year’s concert


This concert is held in the “Goldener Saal” (Golden Hall) of the Musikverein at 11:15 am. Every year the same programme is performed on December 30, December 31, and January 1, but only the last performance is famous and broadcast. In its current form the tradition dates back to 1939 when it was devised to…

The Palais Ferstel


The Palais Ferstel is a bit unusual in that it is named after the architect who built it rather than the owners of the Palais. Most of the palaces built by the nobility or the nouveau riche of the 19th century are known by the family name of the elites who commissioned and lived in them…

Palais Rasumofsky


The Palais Rasumofsky was built in 1806 as a garden palace for the Russian ambassador Andrei Kirillowitsch Rasumofski who was known as a generous supporter of the fine arts: The ambassador had an enormous art collection, which has been described as one of the most important ones in Vienna. Even Beethoven dedicated various sonatas to him. Unfortunately, in New…

Secret Vienna’s exciting new projects in 2019

Vienna Walking Tours

The previous year was an exciting year for us! Our team grew, we developed many new tours and added new fascinating guides in several languages. We are committed to continue working hard in 2019 to offer you unique tours and unforgettable experiences in Vienna. We have plenty of exciting new projects in the pipeline, here…

The “Opera Toilet”


As a local or visitor, it is likely you have seen it (or heard it): It is located at one of the busiest pedestrian underpasses of the city and next to one of the most frequented exits/entrances anywhere in Vienna and if you are close enough you can hear Waltz music playing all the time….

Hand-me-down Kahlenberg


Rising gently to the north of the city, neither the Kahlenberg nor the Leopoldsberg can really be called mountains, despite the presence of the word ‘berg’ in their names – perhaps for the relative flatlands of the east these qualify as a mountain, but for the rest of alpine Austria, they barely register. Nonetheless, both…

The Ferstel Passage


The Palais Ferstel is one among many in Vienna that is rather unassuming, and that you may have walked past many times without recognizing that it is there. That’s not because its unimpressive or unmemorable, but rather is located in and amongst a veritable cornucopia of Viennese real estate, such that it no longer stands…

St. Stephen and his horses


The 26th of December is known as Stefanitag (St. Stephen’s Day) in Austria, and is a national holiday. This is the same St. Stephen after whom the Stephansdom is named, but who is he and why is he so celebrated in Vienna? He was, in fact, the first martyr of the Christian faith, and is…