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Café Gerstner


What started as a confectioner’s shop, is now one of our most cherished, and traditional coffee houses in Vienna. The Gerstner is located vis-a-vis our beautiful Opera, right in the heart of Vienna’s inner city. 

In 1847 the couple Gerstner founded the Gerstner Company and their confectioner’s shop, their cakes and confectionery impressed guests from all over the monarchy, inviting them in to indulge in the sweetest tastes. 

From 1869 on the Gerstner took over the Opera’s buffets and catering, and in 2014 they served the Viennese Opera Ball for the 58th time. But the Gerstner also served the Habsburgs, appointing them as a well-cherished k.u.k. Hofzuckerbäcker (Confectioner to the Imperial Court). 

By now, the Gerstner is known all over the globe. They even have a Café in Kuwait. The three-story shop in Vienna’s inner city offers a wide range of sweets and goodies. The ground floor offers gifts and souvenirs, the first floor was turned into their own Gerstner Bar, and the upper floor is where you can drink and dine traditional Viennese cuisine. 

The next time you visit Vienna’s inner city, take a trip to the Gerstner, drink a cup of coffee or a glass of champagne and admire the view of our Staatsoper. 


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