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Secret Vienna Blog


Vesturo: Exclusive made-to-measure men’s fashion


The bright vitrines of the shopping streets in large cities usually make an impression that the existing options let us buy anything we are searching for. But what if in fact this is not the case? Imagine you are looking for something very special, something individually tailored according to your needs, taste and occasion? Think…

Blue Danube Violins: A Unique musical instruments shop in the 8th district

Blue Danube Violins

Back in the days, the Austrian Empire was actively developing in direction of music art and culture. Its prestigious and prolific production of music was known worldwide and therefore Austria is always associated with footsteps of such gifted musicians as Mozart, Schubert and Strauss. These names are certainly making large impact on Austria being known…

Scholarium: An exclusive approach towards education


The education system of the modern age is mostly driven by sophisticated brand names, the amount of funds invested to promote the institution and the mass-oriented classes with no personalized approach. The biggest issue that young people face when choosing where to study, is whether the knowledge potentially acquired during the study program will actually…

Basenbox: Healthy and tasty Alkaline based food for your body and soul


Meet Basenbox Aside from staying at home and listening to the instructions, being healthy begins with eating healthy. This is exactly what Basenbox is all about. This great company stands for healthy, basic food and for making it as “tasty” as possible for as many people as possible in the simplest way possible. The story…

The Loft: A casual yet stylish dance club for music lovers

The Loft

Meet The Loft In these stressful times, we can’t help but miss the bars and clubs of Vienna which were always there for us to forget our worries and simply celebrate life with friends. Great bars can be found not only in the inner city but in other district and in particular along the Gürtel…

Aurin shop: A fashion store and fair trade pioneer in the 7th district


Meet Aurin Shop Vienna’s 7th district is known for its beautiful streets, artists workshops and boutique stores. One particularly colourful and unique fashion store is Aurin shop and you can find it right on Kirchengaße 25. The shop offers high quality, fair trade clothes to let you look great and also feel great about your…

Beans: The coffee that brings you joy with every cup

Beans Coffee

Meet Beans Most people nowadays cannot imagine beginning their day without a good cup of coffee. It’s just the energy boost we need to start our day right. For that reason, choosing the right coffee is extremely important and not something to take lightly! And that’s exactly why you should know about Beans. Beans offers…

Recordbag: A musical time travel for lovers and freaks in the 6th district

Record Bag

Meet Recordbag Music is undoubtedly one of the things in life that connects us all. While we all love music, for some it is life’s biggest passion. This is exactly the story of Recordbag. This unique store was founded in 2004 with the aim to create a place for the whole family. A music freak,…

Suvanapum: A Boutique Thai health spa in the heart of Vienna


Meet Suvanapum In the heart of Vienna, minutes walk from the Opera and Albertina, is a place of relaxation and tranquility. You will find it in Krugerstraße 8, an authentic Thai boutique health spa and massage institute named Suvanapum, Suvanapum was founded in 2012 and was moved to their beautiful location in the inner city…

Lunzers Maß-Greißlerei: Organic and Package Free Grocery Shopping

The story of Lunzers To many of us, environmentally friendly shopping of unpackaged, truly organic products seems like a sweet dream but far from reality. Ordinary supermarkets have products packaged with plastic which makes it hard to consume in an eco friendly way. The perfect solution to this shopping problem can be found at Lunzers Maß-Greißlerei….