Czech Beer at the Swiss House


A Viennese institution with a storied history – there is no shortage of such places in this city. One of the more popular ones amongst a diverse population of local residents is the Schweizerhaus in the Prater. Long a popular place to have a beer, it was first mentioned in historical records in 1766, and…

The story of Peter Altenberg


The Café Central.  Together with the Sacher Hotel, it is the place where many visitors want to spend some hours in.  Inaugurated in 1868, the Café  Central has a long history and one can argue that it was luck what allowed the Café Central to become so famous at the end of the 19thcentury –…

Café Weidinger


There are dozens of classic coffee houses in Vienna, which are worth a visit. Probably, the most shabby, but at the same time the most charming among them, is for sure the Café Weidinger that is hidden at the corner Lerchenfelder Gürtel and Gablenzgasse right in front of the shopping mall Lugner City. When entering, visitors…

The story of Zum Schwarzen Kameel

City Tour of Vienna

“Zum Schwarzen Kameel” has been located at the Bognergasse since its founder Johann Baptist Cameel opened the business in 1619 offering exotic foods and spices. The story how “Cameel” became “Kameel” will never be known. Perhaps Johann thought that this name would go well with the symbol of the place. The business – and the…

The Kleines Cafe


Located near the heart of Vienna’s tourist scene, yet somehow far removed from it, is the Franziskanerplatz and the Kleines Cafe (Small Cafe). The square itself did not exist before 1624 because a house used to stand directly in front of the Franciscan church, which left only a narrow passage by which to access the…

The story of the Cafe Griensteidl

CafeGriensteidl new

Karl Krauss and Arthur Schnitzler. Camillo Sitte and Stefan Zweig. Politicians, artists and musicians all did the same. And so did many others: they all were there. During the 1848 revolution, it was renamed the “National Café” and later it became known as the “Literaturkaffeehaus”. We are talking about the famous Café Griensteidl, located in…