The Brunnnenmarkt


In the 16th district of Vienna – between Thaliastraße and Ottakringerstraße – you will find the longest street market in Vienna, which is at the same time one of the last pure street markets in town: the Brunnnenmarkt. Originated in 1786 in the former Viennese suburb of Neulerchenfeld, the street received the official name “Brunnengasse”…

Hand-me-down Kahlenberg


Rising gently to the north of the city, neither the Kahlenberg nor the Leopoldsberg can really be called mountains, despite the presence of the word ‘berg’ in their names – perhaps for the relative flatlands of the east these qualify as a mountain, but for the rest of alpine Austria, they barely register. Nonetheless, both…

Long live the Meidlinger L!

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One of the most distinctive dialects in Vienna is the one associated with the district of Meidling, and more specifically, the pronunciation of the Meidlinger L. This kind of L, which is most closely associated with Vienna’s 12th district, is linguistically considered a lateral apical-dental consonant, which gives it a distinctively heavy and almost over-pronounced…


Rudolfsheim Funfhaus

Do you know which district of Vienna has the longest name? It is the 15th district, whose official name is “Rudolfsheim-Fünfhaus”. Established in 1892, Rudolfsheim was initially the 14th district of Vienna. The name derives from the Crown Kaiser Rudolf who was Franz Joseph’s son. Rudolf would never become Kaiser as he committed suicide at…