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Secret Vienna Blog


Axel Flóvent and Plàsi

There is something truly inspiring about the collaboration of Axel Flóvent and Plàsi. The two are about to tour Europe and also have a show planned in Vienna for the 15th of February.  Axel Flóvent’s soothing voice pulls one along, no matter the situation. Forest Fires is one of the most popular songs of the…

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January 16, 2022

Schildermaler Museum

Perhaps some of you may have heard of Vienna’s Schildermaler Museum before. Located in the Mühlgasse 7 in the 4th district, the museum walls are covered in old signs, photographs and paper articles. Our city has a long tradition of city lettering and was once a metropolis of sign painting. Josef Samuel, Vienna’s last sign…

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January 7, 2022

Coffee in Vienna

Vienna is famous for its coffee house culture, a one of a kind tradition that is well known all over the globe. Typical for our coffee houses are marble tabletops, tables filled with newspapers, and a traditional interior design. Coffee houses are spots where “time and space gets consumed, but only the coffee is left…

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December 24, 2021


Most of you may know the band Kaleo from their song “Way Down We Go”, which was and still is featured in different movies, tv shows and advertisements. The Icelanders are playing their second show in Austria in January, and today I want to tell you a bit more about them, their music, and when…

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December 10, 2021

Marie Wilt

Fans of opera history have probably heard the name Marie Wilt before. Today I want to tell you more about the successful opera singer whose life ended with a tragic suicide. Born in Vienna in 1833, Marie’s mother died soon after giving birth, the father was unknown, hence why the young girl ended up in…

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November 28, 2021

Manuela Linshalm

Vienna is internationally known for its art scene. People from all over the globe find their way to Vienna to indulge in the city’s broad variety of cultural events. Part of our art scene is Manuela Linshalm, actress and puppeteer.  Before Manuela became an actress she studied psychology, journalism and anglistics, but it didn’t take…

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November 26, 2021

Emilie Kraus von Wolfsberg

Emilie Kraus von Wolfsberg was born in 1785. Perhaps you have heard of her before, but her relationship with emperor Napoleon 1. is barely known. Today I want to give you a small insight into their story. Emilie grew up in poor circumstances. The officer Philipp Mainoni offered her parents to take in the young…

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November 24, 2021

Anna Sacher

No matter if you’re from Vienna or if you plan to visit our city, you will stumble upon the name Sacher. This article will tell you more about Anna Sacher, the hotel owner that lived from 1859 till 1930. Anna grew up in Vienna’s 2nd district, in 1880 she married Eduard Sacher. The couple had…

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November 22, 2021

The life of Alma Mahler-Werfel

Alma Mahler-Werfel, a rather controversial woman whose entourage described her as ‘femme fatale’, a strong-headed, popular woman that could make a man go crazy – in a rather negative way. Alma was born in August 1879 as Alma Schindler, from childhood years on she had a strong connection to art, she knew how to play…

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November 15, 2021

Interview with Marco Pogo

It is hard to describe Marco Pogo with just one profession, he’s a singer, politician, beer brewer and doctor. His path into becoming a Viennese politician was paved by the song “Bierpartei”, written for his band Turbobier in 2015. 2020 was the first year the Bierpartei (beer party) ran for elections. Even though the idea…

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November 9, 2021

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