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Secret Vienna Blog

Restaurants and cafes in Vienna

Read the stories of Vienna’s Restaurants and cafes. Learn about their stories and support them by choosing to eat at smaller, family run restaurants and cafes.

Drunk Augustin and the plague pit

While strolling through Vienna’s first district you shouldn’t miss out on visiting the Griechenbeisl, a restaurant that can be found in the Griechengasse 9.  A name you will stumble upon in many Viennese sagas is the “lovely Augustin”, a bagpipe player and improviser from the  17th century. Augustin got famous due to falling into a…

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October 9, 2021

Hans Maly Heuriger: A culinary and cultural Viennese experience

Meet Hans Maly Heuriger Did you know that Vienna is the only capital in the world where wine is produced within the city on an industrial scale, and that Grinzing is known to be one of Vienna’s best wine regions? Just like gorgeous architecture, wine is the part of Viennese ancient culture. Visiting the 19th district…

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May 1, 2020

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