The story of the Fleischmarkt


Walking down the Rotenturmstraße to the Schwedenplatz area you perhaps will find a street with the name Fleischmarkt. The street is very old and was already known in the 1200s as “carnifices Viennensis”, which suggests that there used to be a meat market. You see, as Vienna was well situated for maritime transport, a lot…

The Story of Mozart and the Organ


If you live in Vienna perhaps you are familiar with the online platform “Willhaben” where you can buy and sell all sorts of things. In the very old days, there was a similar platform in the newspaper Wiener Zeitung. It was January 1791 and if someone was looking for an organ to play music, there…

The story of the Herrengasse


The Herrengasse. Roughly 400 meters long and home to many famous names: Herberstein, Harrach, Liechtenstein, Batthyány, Trauttmansdorff, and others.  They all had some Palais built here and were part of the privileged ones to be close to the Hofburg. The history of this street dates back to the Roman times (think about the Michaelerplatz and…

The story of the Batthyánypalais


Some days ago, your SV explorer came across a beautiful portal in the city center. This portal is part of the Batthyánypalais and is located at Bankgasse 2 (the Palais has another portal on the side of Herrengasse). The Batthyány was a family that originated in Hungary and one of them had this Palais built…

A very special fencing

City Tour of Vienna

Summer time is construction, demolition, and refurbishment time. If you are in Vienna, you may have noticed that almost no stone remains unturned in summer, as it is the best time to do all the construction work that can’t be easily done in winter. Something very common at construction sites is a kind of fencing…

A walk down Praterstrasse

3Vienna City Tours

Praterstrasse, the large avenue connecting the Praterstern railway station to Vienna city center has many interesting stories to tell and experiences to offer both to the historically minded and to the more urban, contemporary interested traveler. Even if the name seems an obvious match due to its proximity to Prater, for many centuries it has…