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A very special fencing

City Tour of Vienna

Summer time is construction, demolition, and refurbishment time. If you are in Vienna, you may have noticed that almost no stone remains unturned in summer, as it is the best time to do all the construction work that can’t be easily done in winter. Something very common at construction sites is a kind of fencing…

The rise and demise of the Zaha Hadid House

Secret Vienna Tours

Zaha Hadid came to be one of the world’s most famous architects, but it took her many years to get a project built, let alone to receive acclaim and recognition for her work. Indeed, she only got her first project built in 1993 – and shortly thereafter, in 1995, she also got a commission to…

Serbs in Magdalenengrund

Vienna History Tours

A cute and cozy street in Vienna that is worth a few minutes of exploration if you happen to find yourself in the 6th district is Magdalenenstrasse – which, despite the name, is much more a gasse than a strasse. And it has a long history, first appearing in official documents in 1756. The name…

A walk down Praterstrasse

3Vienna City Tours

Praterstrasse, the large avenue connecting the Praterstern railway station to Vienna city center has many interesting stories to tell and experiences to offer both to the historically minded and to the more urban, contemporary interested traveler. Even if the name seems an obvious match due to its proximity to Prater, for many centuries it has…

Vivian Maier, Street Photographer

Vienna Walking Tours

It’s Christmas again in Vienna for photography lovers. After the Polaroid exhibition and in parallel with the Man Ray and Elina Brotherus shows, Westlicht Gallery brings to town the works of Vivian Maier. The simplest way to start talking about Vivian Maier is to use the saying of another famous photographer, Diane Arbus: ‘A picture…

The Lost Grandeur of the Palais Wittgenstein

Vienna City Tours

We recently told you about the Phillipphof, which once stood prominently across from the Albertina, but was destroyed in 1945 and is today the site of the Monument Against War and Fascism. Unfortunately, it is far from the only architectural casualty of the war and the post-war period. Another once prominent and proud Palais stood…

The long and storied history of the Schönbrunnerhaus

Vienna History Tours

We recently told you about the Schönbrunner Hof, but its not the only building in the city that evokes the famous Habsburg Palace. In fact, there is another building in the 1st district with a very similar name, and that is the Schönbrunnerhaus. It is a free-standing building at the corner of Tuchlauben and Milchgasse,…

Donaukanal then and now

City Tour of Vienna

As soon as temperatures in Vienna make drinking outside possible, the Donaukanal floods with life. The sport lovers who keep the place alive throughout the year suddenly find themselves drowned in a sea of people who just want to talk and drink on the pavement. One can easily imagine that this was not always the…

The Cloth Arches of Tuchlauben

Vienna City Tours

Most of you have probably been to Tuchlauben, if for nothing more than some good ice cream. But do you know what a Tuchlaube actually is? The literal meaning of the word is “cloth arches”, and the name of the street in the 1st district refers to the cloth merchants who used to hawk their…

Rotenturmstraße in 2017

Vienna City Tours

Did you know that in 2017 over 14 million people walked along the Rotenturmstraße? In New Year’s Day alone around 33,800 people walked along the street. With 400 meters this is a very busy street! (Cr.)