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Maria Antonia and the Diamond Necklace

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Marie Antoinette is usually considered quintessentially French, indelibly tied to the French Revolution, and famous for her “let them eat cake!” proclamation, which she most likely never said. She was of course the last Queen of France before the revolution, so it’s no surprise that most people consider her to be French. But she was…

Riding the ‘bim’, Vienna style.


Have you ever heard the Viennese refer to the tram, or Strassenbahn, as a “bim” and wondered what they were on about? Why would a tram be called a bim, which sounds nothing like ‘strassenbahn? Where does this strange name come from? Well in fact, back in the very early days of the tram when…

Vienna’s famous Kaiserbründl sauna


Some weeks ago we told you about the Vienna Central Bath, located in the heart of the first district and known in its time as the most fully realized and elegant bath-house in the world. As you may recall, part of the bathhouse is still in operation today, though it now caters to an exclusively…

Grandchildren and heirs: W. Neuber’s Enkel & Carl Geyling’s Erben


There aren’t many traditional druggists left in Vienna, but the few that remain have storied histories and a faithful clientele. One of these is W. Neuber’s Enkel. It has stood proudly on the Linke Wienzeile since 1865, and among its most famous features are the Jugendstil stained glass windows from Carl Geyling’s Erben. This is…

AEIOU isnt just a string of vowels


Looking through historical records, or a close inspection of certain buildings in Austria such as the Burg Wiener Neustadt, may cause you to repeatedly come across a particular set of vowels: A.E.I.O.U. No, this is not some sort of spelling lesson meant to teach the vowels through repetition, though one could be forgiven for arriving…

Espionage and Intrigue: The Third Man


This year is the 70th anniversary of the film The Third Man, considered the greatest British film of all time, and still shown regularly at the Burg Kino in the 1st district. There are many reasons why the film is beloved, but surely the mystery and intrigue both onscreen and behind-the-scene contribute to its legendary…