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Cooks in Residence: Elevating Vienna’s culinary scene



The culinary scene in Vienna has changed dramatically in the past decade, with far greater variety and innovation in food and its presentation. This includes Cooks in Residence at Heuer am Karlsplatz, which your SV explorer took part in this past weekend. Cooks in Residence invites an outside chef to take up residence in the Heuer kitchen and create a limited-time-only tasting menu together with the Heuer chefs in order to bring in fresh ideas and elevate the dining experience. That outside chef this time around was Tomeu Ramis from the restaurant Vidre in Mallorca, who, together with Peter Fallnbügl of Heuer, crafted a highly inventive and sometimes adventurous 5-course menu that melded the flavors of the Mallorquin and Austrian kitchens. An award-winning sommelier is also on hand to select appropriate wine pairings for each course. This is truly a culinary experience unlike any other in Vienna and although a bit pricey, it is well worth treating yourself! Cooks in Residence only takes place every now and then, so keep an eye out for future editions – or if you happen to find yourself in Mallorca, stop by the small but sublime Vidre in Palma to experience the heights of the Mallorcan kitchen for yourself! (C.G)






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