Elitist and Discreet Societies

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We all believe that we know who is in control and who is being controlled, who is the ruler and who is ruled. But do we really know the power behind the power? Join our guide Tatjana and explore the knightly orders and elitist societies that influenced or are still influencing Vienna from behind the scenes.

Adults (Ages 13+)

Vienna Discrete Societies Tour Details

Discreet societies and mysterious knightly orders captivate most of us. They lived or still live among us, yet keep quiet and act behind closed doors. What was or is their influence on Vienna’s leadership? What is the connection of some of Vienna’s most important personalities to these secrets groups? How did their presence and actions shape the Viennese society? Join us as we try to answer these questions and uncover the secrets of Vienna’s elitist and discreet societies. In this tour-hour tour, you will hear amazing stories about legendary knightly orders, pious brotherhoods, secret rites, signs and symbols and much more.