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Secrets of art masterclass-create like a Viennese artist

Secrets of art masterclass | Create like a Viennese artist

The tour in short

Join us for a 2-hours drawing masterclass to learn this valuable skill from a living master of portraiture and figurative art Damir May. Create your own vision of unique Viennese artefacts and experience our magnificent city in a whole different way.


Draw like a Viennese artist!

Throughout the years, Vienna has created a name for itself as the city of art. Countless
famous painters as well as other artists called this splendid capital their home and
graced it with much depth and beauty. In our exclusive drawing masterclass you will be able to connect with an artist within yourself. In an inspiring fine art studio, surrounded by incredible works of art, you will learn the skills from an expert.

Let us instruct you in a welcoming and friendly surrounding, in a small group setting of up to 10 people and with customised approach according to your level of knowledge. After two hours, you will gain the fundamentals of drawing. As a souvenir, you will get to take your art piece home and with it, an amazing memory!

Who is this Masterclass for?
This masterclass is suitable for any level of proficiency so we welcome both complete beginners and skilful artists. Upon registration, we will contact you for more details to ensure that you have a wonderful, personalised experience. We recommend it for both local Viennese and tourists who seek a deeper connection with this elegant city!

About the master- Damir May

“When one looks at Damir May’s work, it is clear that he is the modern day successor to the Florentine tradition. He has emerged as one of the consummate artists of the 21st Century” said Ross Tiffin in his article about Damir published in Art of England magazine. You can learn more about Damir’s work HERE!


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