The Dark Side of Vienna

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Hidden symbols, horrific deaths, and eerie grave sites are all waiting for you on this dark tour throughout Vienna’s inner city! Don’t let the beauty of Vienna fool you, it is a lot darker than you think! The city is not just about Mozart and Sisi, there’s a lot more.

Vienna’s Dark Side Tour Details

Vienna is often portrayed as a romantic city with charming streets and effortless beauty, but it’s only a part of the complete, much darker picture. Join us as we venture into Vienna’s dark side and explore its many eerie and mysterious secrets. Hear the baffling tales and the lesser-known stories of the city’s past on this tour, designed for the curious traveler. As you follow our guide Tatjana, you will see the city in a different light and embrace the darkness which is an inseparable part of Vienna’s history. So, are you ready to join the dark side?

Please be advised that the tour includes content which isn’t suitable for young children.