The Museum of Military History (Part 1)

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Join our military expert, Wolfgang, as he takes you on a journey back to the 16th century and all the way back to modern history. Uncover the secrets of warfare and the impact of these wars on Austria in general, and Vienna in particular.

Adults (Ages 13+)

Vienna Museum History Tour Details

A major theme which has repeatedly shaped Austria’s history is war. The impressive Museum of Military History is the leading museum of the Austrian Armed Forces. It documents the history of Austrian military affairs through a wide range of exhibits comprising a wide variety of weapons and other artefacts which enable us to better understand Austria’s past.

This tour of Vienna highlights important battles, figures, and weaponry used in these wars. This tour is perfect for history buffs or anyone wanting to learn more about Austria’s wartime past. Listen to fascinating commentary as we make our way through the Museum of Military History on this Secret Vienna tour.