The Secrets of Stephansdom

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No matter how many times you will pass by St. Stephen’s cathedral, it’s impossible not to admire its magnificence and beauty. If you get closer, or decide to go inside you won’t be able to miss the many symbols on the cathedral’s walls. What can they possibly mean? What are the secrets hidden inside Austria’s most important church? Find out in this exciting tour led by our guide Tatjana.

Adults (Ages 13+)

Stephen’s Cathedral Tour Details

The St. Stephen’s cathedral is one of Vienna’s most iconic attractions and most important sites. After entering through its main gates and admiring its beauty, your eyes will be irresistibly drawn to the many symbols and signs on its medieval walls. Although some of these signs can no longer be clearly deciphered, the stories of some of the symbols and their meaning is known to us. The cathedral is a witness of our history and culture and much can be learned through the countless details which make its decoration. Nothing is accidental about this ancient church, every detail has its purpose and its meaning- altars, gates, towers, figures and pictures. Join us for a fascinating two-hour tour, mostly inside the cathedral but also outside. The church’s entrance fee is included in the ticket price.