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Get going: Morning Exercise and Stable Tour with the Lipizzaner Horses

2 in 1 combined: Morning Exercise AND Guided Tour in the stables

The tour in short

2 People
3 People
4 People
5 People
10 People

Extremely exclusive guided tour only for special guests!

2 in 1 combined: Morning Exercise AND Guided Tour in the stables.

See the morning exercise (please note: it´s not a performance) of our most beautiful horses, our Lipizzaner – only on Tuesdays to Fridays – and get also an EXCLUSIVE GUIDED TOUR to stables and boxes, saddle chamber and winter riding arena.

You will get detailed content through easily understood explanations of the equipment, the history, the background during the morning exercise by us horse experts . And you will sit in the “Imperial Ground Floor Box” – like an Emperor or Empress as close as possible to our stallions.

And you will visit the most important areas of our historic institution and will learn about our history, equestrian traditions and about our stars – the Lipizzan stallions!

The Morning Exercise offers an insight into the training of the riders and their Lipizzans. You are going to see the training of the grey young stallions and the fully-trained School Stallions – our “white stars” – in the beautiful setting of the Winter Riding School, accompanied by classical Viennese music.
The Morning Exercise includes relaxation exercises, the refining and perfecting of lessons and the targeted strengthening of muscles.
In order to protect the horses, the famous Schools above the ground, which are shown during the performances, are not practised on a daily basis and are only occasionally seen during the Morning Exercise.
The Guided Tour through the Spanish Riding School will you show the baroque Winter Riding School, the Summer Riding School with one of the world’s largest oval horse walkers and the stables of the Lipizzan stallions, which have been located in the Stallburg (one of Vienna’s most prominent Renaissance buildings) for more than 450 years.

Meeting Point Options: Albertina Place (right behind our famous state opera)
End Point Options: Suggested by Guide: Spanish Riding School next to Michaels Place

Please ask for special agreements !
As well, if you are a larger group than 5, we have special agreements.

What’s Included
• accompanied and guided by state-licensed Austria guide
• entrance fee Spanish riding school
• expert comments during morning exercise
• guided tour behind the scenes in the stables, horseboxes, summer riding arena,…
• a look deep into the eyes of our horses – you will be as close as possible to our stallions

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