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Secrets of the Fiaker & Horse Carriages

Quick Details

Your Package Includes:

  • Ca. 30 min. guided tour through the stables
  • History of the traditional Fiakers (horse-carriages)
  • Morning routine of the horses
  • Ca. 40 min. horse-carriage ride (stables – city-center)
  • Possibility to buy snacks & drinks there

A Guided Tour Through Stables

Get an insight into the unknown world of the famous Viennese horse-drawn carriages (“Fiakerei” in german). Who are the Fiakers? Where did they come from? And most importantly, where are they going in the evening after work? Get to the bottom of these secrets, and many more, by visiting the original Viennese Fiaker horse stable.

For the first time, you’ll have the opportunity to take a look behind the scenes of the traditional two team Fiakers (the original horse-drawn taxi!). Explore the unique Fiaker Horse Center in Vienna’s 11th district of Simmering. An exclusive barn tour will give you insight into what’s going on in our traditional Viennese Fiaker family business.

Then, take a ride in an original Viennese Fiaker – the ubiquitous passenger transport of the 18th century – to the city. During the carriage ride, you’ll pass through the up-coming St. Marx district, heading to the city center along the famous Ringstraße. You’ll be dropped off at Michaelerplatz in the city center – a perfect place to continue your exploration of Vienna’s top sights.

Please note- For this experience we require a 48 hours notice in advance. Therefore, it’s only possible to book today the experience which will take place in two days. This way we can ensure that we have a carriage ready for you.