Four Events You Shouldn’t Miss in Vienna in May

Here are four Vienna Events in May you should think about visiting:

Are you still looking for things you could do in the upcoming days? Well, don’t worry, we have found four Vienna Events in May you shouldn’t miss out on. 

1. Frühlingsfest Schloss Hof

The spring festival at Schloss Hof (located in Schloßhof, about 50 mins by car from Vienna) takes place from the 26th to the 29th of May. The garden will display its full Baroque splendour and they also offer a wide-ranging background program. Grasp the chance to learn more about citrus plants and the Baroque history of the garden. This is perfect for kids as well. More information can be found here

2. Spanische Hofreitschule 

On Saturday and Sunday you could buy a ticket for the world-famous performances by the Lipizzans, which takes place in the Winter Riding School at the Hofburg Palace. The performance lasts about 70 mins and starts at 11 am. Click here for more information about tickets.

3. Klimt – The Immersive Experience 

This exhibition is a multimedia spectacle that presents the artworks of Gustav Klimt. The paintings are enlarged several times. This works with the help of elaborate light installations and projections. The pictures are now alive on the walls of the presentation rooms. You can find this exhibition in the Karl-Farkas-Gasse 19 in the 3rd district. Click here for more information 

4. Vienna Shorts Film Festival

Till May 30th you can visit different cinemas in Vienna, there you can watch new short films. This festival wants to connect life and cinema, an experience of time, experience and attitudes, they want you to question and to celebrate them. Don’t miss out on those awesome productions! Click here for more information.

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