From Shady To Trendy- The Evolution Of Naschmarkt

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Would you like to hear about the amazing change of a district from once “shady” to now “trendy”? Then come with us to the fascinating walk around the Naschmarkt! Secrets, stories and tasty food is all waiting for you in this exciting tour!


About this tour

Stroll with us through this unique Viennese neighbourhood and explore its transformation from shady to trendy!

Our guides will tell you fascinating stories stories about the “Lahmgruabn”, one of the deepest suburbs of Vienna, and show you lesser known places, some of Vienna’s best art and coffee house scenes as well as most elegant art nouveau buildings. Then we will go into the Naschmarkt and dive into the sensual world of smells and fragrances, into oriental, southern and Viennese flair.

Join us and go on a culinary journey – sweet to spicy tastings included!

Finally, as a must have – a glass of cool Viennese wine.

We are looking forward to showing you a secret part of Vienna, full with life, beauty and contrasts.