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Gummistiefelhaus: Trendy rubber outfit for rainy weather


Meet Gummistiefelhaus

Have you ever felt that your mood often depends on what you see behind the window When the sun is shining, no matter if it is a hot summer season or a freezing winter day, sun brings a certain positivity and motivation to our daily life. But when it rains, the first issue we face when planning to leave our cozy homes is ‘what to wear’? Does the weather actually have to influence our mood and the way we see the world around? Gummistiefelhaus answers this question with: “definitely not!”

A one of a kind idea for a one of a kind store

Usually we associate rubber shoes with something uncool, no wonder – ugly shoes for an ugly weather! This was also the point of Gerhild Vanis, the founder of the first rubber boots design store – Gummistiefelhaus. Back in 2015, when she was searching for rubber shoes that would be just the same pretty as an expensive pair of branded footwear. Eventually she has found none. This personal shopping experience brought her to an idea that the rainy days do not have to be necessarily negative, if one chooses appropriate clothes to wear. That is why she has founded Gummistiefelhaus – one of a kind store, where you can purchase unique and beautiful outfit for your rainy days to be brighter.



Choose your outfit

In this specialty store you will find an outfit for any occasion whether it is a date, office job, dog walk or hiking in the forest. Gummistiefelhaus is not just a store with high-quality unconventional caoutchouc products, but also a great shopping experience thanks to the friendly staff who will answer any of your questions and help you choose the right product for you.



Come and visit their Ambiente on Strozzigasse 1, 1080 Vienna.

Visit their homepage HERE!

Follow and like Gummistiefelhaus on Facebook HERE!

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For any questions regarding the products contact Gummistiefelhaus per email/phone: [email protected]/+43 1 402 65 92.

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