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Hans Maly Heuriger: A culinary and cultural Viennese experience


Meet Hans Maly Heuriger

Did you know that Vienna is the only capital in the world where wine is produced within the city on an industrial scale, and that Grinzing is known to be one of Vienna’s best wine regions? Just like gorgeous architecture, wine is the part of Viennese ancient culture. Visiting the 19th district you will have a variety of options where you can take a short break and enjoy the vineyard views, taste Viennese cuisine and have a glass of Grüner Veltliner or Riesling harvested right on the vineyard around the corner.

Intangible cultural heritage of UNESCO- Vienna’s Heurigen:

Since there has always been great interest in Viennese wines, the vintners used to pour out wine from their cellars so to regale guests a glass of wine and Viennese delectable specialties. Later this type of restaurants gained popularity and was called Heuriger. Moreover, since 2019 the Viennese Heurigen tradition has been an intangible cultural heritage of the Austrian UNESCO Commission.

Hans Maly family business

One of such places has a history of four generations – Hans Maly Heuriger. The comfort at the wine tavern under old chestnut trees with wine and music makes you forget everyday worries and here you can never feel yourself lonely. It is also claimed that talking to a Heuriger waiter can sometimes be more useful than visiting a professional psychiatrist. The atmosphere here is unconditionally calm, the air is stunningly fresh and the overall feeling is of a homey comfort.


Popular music culture

Hans Maly Heuriger is also home to Viennese popular music. It is the type of music that is made up of all the currents that Vienna likes to sing, play and listen to. Therefore, Hans Maly team has recently founded an association that wants to promote and develop this type of music.

As soon as the measures allow and a visit to restaurants is safe, Hans Maly is there for their guests again to offer a tasty meal, a sip of a delicious wine and a chitchat with a friendly team and cordial community.



Whenever the doors are open again, book a table at Hans Maly via email or phone +43/(0)1/3201384.

Their address is Sandgasse 8, 1190 Vienna.

Visit their Website to learn more about Heurigen Culture and family history HERE!

Follow them on Facebook to find out latest updates and event dates HERE!

Follow them on Instagram HERE!

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