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Kellerwerk: An upcycling design shop in the 6th district


Meet Kellerwerk

The story of Kellerwerk begins somewhere in Africa. The founder Sascha Johannik spent two years there and identified an interesting business opportunity. As reality is different there and not everything can be bought new, sellers found creative solutions through repairing, converting or upgrading items and then reselling them.

When Sascha returned to Vienna, the African experience hasn’t left his mind and that’s when the idea for an upcycling shop was born. In 2014 Sascha and his girlfriend Romana Fürst opened Kellerwerk together at Gumpendorferstraße 48.



It’s all about up-cycling and re-cycling

Realizing the vision of up-cycling and recycling, Kellerwerk focuses on reprocessing old furniture and redesigning bags, jewellery, lamps and many other accessories. Furthermore, at Kellerwerk customers can recycle and upgrade their own furniture. They can simply bring the item in and the talented and creative team will repair and spice it up. This service is in particular great with old furniture as instead of throwing them away, something new and exciting can be created.

Book an appointment

The shop is currently open for appointments and the team of Sascha and Romana is looking forward to your visit. This is a great opportunity to start fresh and new with an up-cycled furniture that will transform your home.



The best way to support is to book an appointment via email or by phone- +43 (0)699 10655755. You can then visit the shop itself at Gumpendorferstraße 48.

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