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Little Yoga Room: From a spiritual idea to a successful business

Little Yoga Room

Meet Little Yoga Room

Nowadays different yoga styles have been gaining more and more popularity. Yoga does not only represent an ancient spiritual practice, but also offers a number of health improvements to those practicing. Yoga teaches how to bring peace, strength and truthfulness to the mind and body. It creates a balanced connection between one’s breath, movement and nerve system which improves our well-being and quality of life.

From a hobby to a business

For Astrid and Carola, two friends from Austria, Hatha yoga, one of the traditional Yoga styles, was a personal preference and hobby. One day, while enjoying their summer vacation on the sunny beach, the two enthusiastic entrepreneurs decided to turn their passion into a business. Their goal was to be able to share the benefits of Yoga practice with an audience. Coming back to their home country they started working on the idea and founded a cozy Yoga practice environment and called it Little Yoga Room. The name speaks for itself : Little Yoga Room offers small group sessions as well as private classes, specialized practices for pregnant women and babies. They also specializes in HARA Shiatsu and Thai Nuad therapies, offer workshops and events as well as Yoga Teacher Trainings.



More than just Yoga

With Astrid and Carola at Little Yoga Room, the practices become a joyful and mind-changing life experience. Currently, the passionate team is working hard to prepare new programs for their audience. As soon as they are allowed to open their doors again – you can visit them in Vienna’s 8th district, Strozzigasse 32-34 /2.Stiege / Top 4.



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