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Long Night of the Museums

16. ?ORF-Lange Nacht der Museen? am 3. Oktober

This weekend, on Saturday the 6thof October the “ORF – Long Night of Museums” takes place for the 19thtime, an annual highlight of the Austrian cultural calendar. Among varied exhibitions, many exciting events and special offers, visitors can choose their personal highlights and visit (or at least try to visit) all 135 participating houses in Vienna with just one ticket. In addition to small curiosities and large established cultural institutions, many new locations are waiting discovery by the “Long Night” participants. There will be a central meeting point at the famous Maria-Theresien-Platz, right in between the two largest museums in Vienna: the Art History and the Natural History Museums. That´s not only the starting point for most of the buses and footpaths, but you can also get your tickets, booklets with extensive information on the program offers, and information on the shuttlebus und foot routes of the “ORF Long Night of Museums” there. To make the decision of what places to pick easier, let us introduce you to a few highlights in advance:

Vienna Tramwaymuseum

In this museum, it’s not the visitors who move through the exhibition, but rather the exhibition objects themselves move the visitors: Three historic tramway trains will run all night, serving as “Rolling Museums” that take guests on adventure trips back in time. These trams can also be used as a way of getting from one museum to another.

Dialog im Dunkeln

Actually, there will be literally nothing to see – but still a lot to experience. Visitors will be guided trough everyday situations by blind or visually impaired guides, focusing on their own senses to hear, smell, feel or taste their environment. To discover new ways of communication, you will be introduced by deaf guides to another world at “HANDS UP – immersion in the world of the deaf” – a world in which they express themselves with face and body, sign language and a new approach to music.

Circus & Clown Museum

The Circus & Clown Museum Vienna is unique and the only one of its kind in Europe. Clowns, magicians, jugglers and mind readers of the Viennese world of circuses and variety shows make the guests laugh and be amazed. For those interested, there will even be magic teachers waiting for you.


The chocolate Museum is definitely a mouth-watering place when you have a sweet tooth. Aside from learning about the origin of cocoa or about how chocolate is made and processed, you can immerse yourself in the exhibition of the sweet world of chocolate.

Will you take the challenge and break the record of most visited museums in one night? (JE)

Photo Credit: ORF / Hans Leitner

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