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“Murder by Misadventure”: A Masterful Performance at the Vienna English Theatre

The Vienna English Theatre, a long time Secret Vienna Partner and a distinguished Viennese institution, is known for its exceptional productions. Yet again, they managed to delivered and impress us, this time with their latest production, “Murder by Misadventure“. We expected a thriller full with twists and the performance exceeded our expectation, showcasing a gripping narrative filled with crime, betrayal, and unexpected plot twists that captivated us from beginning to end.

Written by Edward Taylor, “Murder by Misadventure” is a sophisticated crime thriller that will easily keep you on the edge of your seat. It tells the story of two successful playwrights, Harold Kent and Paul Riggs, who have been professional partners for years. As they continue to create hit plays together, their personal relationship behind the scenes becomes strained. Before embarking on a trip to the U.S, Harold decides it is time to end the partnership and go their separate ways. As he tries to break the news to his erratic partner, things go horribly wrong. Old secrets are revealed and Harold finds himself blackmailed. Murder seems to be the only solution. Will Harold manage to get away with murder? Does the creative genius Paul have a plan of his own?

Murder by misadventure

We truly enjoyed seeing how the plot gradually weaved the tale, drawing us into the lives of these characters. The talented cast skilfully brought these personas to life and further enhanced the play’s immersive atmosphere. Even without a changing set, the actors managed to captivate the audience through truly superb acting.

This play is highly recommend to anyone who lives a good thriller. It will be available until the 22nd of April so make sure to book your tickets in advance to not miss out!

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