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Recordbag: A musical time travel for lovers and freaks in the 6th district

Record Bag

Meet Recordbag

Music is undoubtedly one of the things in life that connects us all. While we all love music, for some it is life’s biggest passion. This is exactly the story of Recordbag. This unique store was founded in 2004 with the aim to create a place for the whole family. A music freak, a complete beginner and a person looking for the perfect gift, all can find something here. There are even products for children and babies, so literally everyone can come and enjoy.

For Sylvia, the founder of Recordbag, the store is also a “musical time travel” back to beautiful times in the past which many customers can relate to. Many of the products sold in the store have personal significance and are diverse in style. Much of the music is influenced by past travels to England but also from the founder’s passion for punk and singer-songwriters.



A true Vinyl pioneer in Vienna

When Recordbag opened its doors, vinyl wasn’t yet “in” but the owner trusted her passion and it indeed paid off. Vinyl’s “revival” helped her share the love with many customers, Austrians and internationals alike.
In the store you will find anything related to music, including records, music books, music DVDs, limited releases and more. You can also find unique gifts such as mugs of your favourite artist, band t-shirts, posters, etc. The musical experience is completed by Recordbag’s live performances of various artists which you don’t want to miss!

The personal touch

Despite having an online store, for Sylvia it’s all about the personal connection. As Recordbag is all about exploring and discovering new music it has to be done face to face. With this attitude, Recordbag has become a home to a growing community which hopefully you will join too!



The best way to support is to visit the store in Kollergerngasse 4, 1060 Wien. You can easily reach the store by taking the metro to the U3 station Neubaugasse.

Follow and like Recordbag on Facebook HERE!

If you can’t physically come, you can order products or vouchers online through the website HERE!

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