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ROEE: An innovative, Viennese fashion label



When looking for the next Viennese trend in art of fashion, visiting the 7th district is a sure bet. There, you will find some of Viennese most interesting shops, galleries and ateliers, one of which is ROEE.

Located in Bandgasse 14, ROEE is not merely a clothing store but an innovative and ecological Viennese fashion label. It stands out in its use of cuts based garments which do not require any ready-made sizes. In other words, their clothes are wearable by everyone!


The story of ROEE begins in 2014 when Rene Pomberger and Michael Mairhofer decided to become a new part of the fashion scene. Their values of harmony, creativity and eco friendliness enabled them to work well together and develop a high quality brand. As they are all about ecological processing, their products are produced in Europe and contain only fair fabrics.

Both in their store and on their website, you will find various unique clothings which are suitable for everyday use. The chosen cuts are simple while the fabrics are of very high quality, thus making the clothes extremely comfortable and fashionable.

And for those of you who seek higher end clothes, ROEE offers a unique and exclusive product line that is made to order.

In these challenging times, reality demands innovation from all of us and ROEE is now officially available online. All you have to do is visit their website, choose the design you like, make an order and pay after receiving the product! This mode is based on the founders motto: STAY HOME / STAY SAFE / ORDER BY MAIL / PAY LATER!


Purchase their one size fit all clothes from our online store HERE!

Follow and like ROEE on Facebook HERE!

Follow and like ROEE on Instagram HERE!

And make sure to visit their clothing store in Vienna’s 7th district when it’s again possible!

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