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Rudolfsheim Funfhaus

Do you know which district of Vienna has the longest name? It is the 15th district, whose official name is “Rudolfsheim-Fünfhaus”. Established in 1892, Rudolfsheim was initially the 14th district of Vienna. The name derives from the Crown Kaiser Rudolf who was Franz Joseph’s son. Rudolf would never become Kaiser as he committed suicide at the age of 31. According to the story, the name “Fünfhaus” goes back to five houses that existed in the area at the beginning of the 1700s; it became the 15th district also in 1892. It was in 1938 that “Rudolfsheim” and “Fünfhaus” were brought together to form the 15th district under the name Fünfhaus. The name “Rudolfsheim-Fünfhaus” is the official name since 1957. (Cr).



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