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Recordbag: A musical time travel for lovers and freaks in the 6th district

Record Bag

Meet Recordbag Music is undoubtedly one of the things in life that connects us all. While we all love music, for some it is life’s biggest passion. This is exactly the story of Recordbag. This unique store was founded in 2004 with the aim to create a place for the whole family. A music freak,…

Suvanapum: A Boutique Thai health spa in the heart of Vienna


Meet Suvanapum In the heart of Vienna, minutes walk from the Opera and Albertina, is a place of relaxation and tranquility. You will find it in Krugerstraße 8, an authentic Thai boutique health spa and massage institute named Suvanapum, Suvanapum was founded in 2012 and was moved to their beautiful location in the inner city…

Kellerwerk: An upcycling design shop in the 6th district


Meet Kellerwerk The story of Kellerwerk begins somewhere in Africa. The founder Sascha Johannik spent two years there and identified an interesting business opportunity. As reality is different there and not everything can be bought new, sellers found creative solutions through repairing, converting or upgrading items and then reselling them. When Sascha returned to Vienna,…

Gummistiefelhaus: Trendy rubber outfit for rainy weather


Meet Gummistiefelhaus Have you ever felt that your mood often depends on what you see behind the window When the sun is shining, no matter if it is a hot summer season or a freezing winter day, sun brings a certain positivity and motivation to our daily life. But when it rains, the first issue…

Little Yoga Room: From a spiritual idea to a successful business

Little Yoga Room

Meet Little Yoga Room Nowadays different yoga styles have been gaining more and more popularity. Yoga does not only represent an ancient spiritual practice, but also offers a number of health improvements to those practicing. Yoga teaches how to bring peace, strength and truthfulness to the mind and body. It creates a balanced connection between…

Hans Maly Heuriger: A culinary and cultural Viennese experience


Meet Hans Maly Heuriger Did you know that Vienna is the only capital in the world where wine is produced within the city on an industrial scale, and that Grinzing is known to be one of Vienna’s best wine regions? Just like gorgeous architecture, wine is the part of Viennese ancient culture. Visiting the 19th district…

Lunzers Maß-Greißlerei: Organic and Package Free Grocery Shopping

The story of Lunzers To many of us, environmentally friendly shopping of unpackaged, truly organic products seems like a sweet dream but far from reality. Ordinary supermarkets have products packaged with plastic which makes it hard to consume in an eco friendly way. The perfect solution to this shopping problem can be found at Lunzers Maß-Greißlerei….

Kussmund: Zest for life and remarkable extravagance


The story of Kussmund For decades Vienna’s famous first district located in the very heart of the town has been attracting tourists from all over the world. The reason for this is not only the gorgeous architecture and historical insights, but also the unforgettable shopping experience. Strolling around the area you will spend hours savouring…

YogaKula: A yoga studio with an international edge


The story of YogaKula YogaKula Studio can be found in the heart of Vienna’s first district. Located between the famous Opera House and Karlsplatz. It offers daily differrent styles of Yoga classes in both German and English. Due to its prime location many tourists and Viennese find themselves in a class together. Apart from the…

The Burg Kino: The story of one of Vienna’s oldest cinemas

a sign on the side of a building

The story of the Burg Kino Vienna is not only the city of art of music but also the city of movies and cinema. Much of that is due to the Burg Kino, one of the oldest cinemas in Vienna and probably the world. Located in the famous Ringstrasse, right across from the beautiful Burggarten,…