Secret Vienna Kayak Adventure

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Join our exciting Kayak tour and explore a natural paradise in a full day of sports, exploration and fun!


A kayak adventure in a natural paradise

The breathtaking nature in and around Austria is a highlight you just can not miss! After exploring Vienna’s magnificent art and architecture and enjoying its rich cultural sites, its time to leave the urban center and experience the natural beauty just off the border with Hungary, not too far from the city.

In this exciting outdoor activity, we will take you to a wonderful location on the Hungarian side of the border, where a secret paradise awaits. There you will get to enjoy a Kayak/Canue tour in the small rivers and channels and explore the natural habitat.

This experience is perfect for couples, small groups and families who want to enjoy a day outside Vienna. The experience leader- Stephan, is highly experienced and will ensure that you are both happy and safe throughout the whole trip.

The price of the tour includes the experience leader, the bus from and back to Vienna as well as the boat rental. As there are no restaurants or food available on the site where we will be, please make sure to bring food and water already with you to the trip.

We are looking forward to an exciting adventure with you and to showing you a true natural paradise!