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Vienna is effortlessly beautiful. It captures the romance and majesty one pictures when thinking of a historic western European city while also presenting itself as modern, in touch, and perfectly livable for any and all. To many newcomers, Vienna’s splendor is easily seen in the details of its palaces, the quiet holiness of its cathedrals, and the special tradition of its coffeehouses. But to a particular group of visitors, Vienna, though truly a sight to behold on the surface, had a double portion of beauty tucked away in its hidden courtyards, ancient writings, and secret alleys – a kind of beauty that needed to be shared with the world.

So began Secret Vienna, a blog in which we could share our discoveries with the community around us. Our articles focused on our curious findings, bizarre stories, and took viewers behind the scenes of everything from well-known statues to easily missed numbers atop door frames. The exposure of Vienna’s well-kept secrets attracted the attention of passionate tourists and local readers alike, inspiring the bloggers to think bigger than they’d previously imagined.

In 2017, Secret Vienna grew from a blog into a tourism company, bringing its fun and mysterious articles to life by working with licensed, informed and enthusiastic tourist guides. With its viewership increasing, today at a steady 16,000 followers on Facebook, Secret Vienna expanded to ten contributors and eight licensed tourist guides in order to better accommodate the growing interest in the group’s unique perspective into Vienna’s vast and complicated history. In the beginning, our tourist guides offered an in-depth look into exciting secrets both above and, literally, below the surface in our Behind the Scenes tour, taking tour participants through secret alleyways and under Vienna’s busy cobblestone streets. We then increased our tour repertoire by adding such tours and VIP experiences as ‘The Myths and Truths of Wolfgang Mozart’, ‘Powerful Women of Vienna’, ‘The Secrets of a Dictator – Hitler’s Vienna’, and the particularly eery ‘Dark Side of Vienna’.


Vienna is a city full with stories, secrets, and hidden treasures. An open air museum, the Austrian capital is full with magnificent buildings, stunning monuments, and endless attractions one can’t miss! But behind the scenes, in the hidden courtyards and narrow alleys, another side of Vienna can be seen – a Secret Vienna!

Dark stories, ancient tales, mysteries, and legends are waiting for you. All you need is to know where to look! We invite you to join us on an unforgettable journey as we uncover the secrets of the city!

By sharing our passion for the city through the development of new and unique products and experiences, Secret Vienna will continue to approach Vienna’s history with creativity and curiosity by digging, wondering, and learning about every Viennese gure, every courtyard, every street name that poses a question, or better yet, contains an ancient, historic, extraordinary secret; a secret meant to be brought to light and shared with newcomers, old-timers, and everyone in-between.

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