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Suvanapum: A Boutique Thai health spa in the heart of Vienna


Meet Suvanapum

In the heart of Vienna, minutes walk from the Opera and Albertina, is a place of relaxation and tranquility. You will find it in Krugerstraße 8, an authentic Thai boutique health spa and massage institute named Suvanapum,

Suvanapum was founded in 2012 and was moved to their beautiful location in the inner city in 2018. The founder, Ms. Kathrin Jindra-Geiszler, has been working for 25 years on strengthening the relationship between Austria and Thailand. For her, bringing the Thai culture to Vienna is a life mission. She works closely with the Thai community in Vienna, with whom she has a long connection and close relationship.



Experience the traditional Thai wisdom

In Suvanapum one can experience the 3000 years of Thai traditional wisdom for body, mind and soul. Right from stepping in, the guests feel surrounded by a charming, authentic atmosphere. At the reception room, traditional tea is offered to calm the mind and disconnect the client from the hectic world outside. The massage rooms themselves are professionally equipped and well designed for total relaxation.

Massage treatments for lovers, professionals and tourists

The range of products offered by Suvanapum is large and diverse for every need. Couples can find various romantic packages that are great for birthday or anniversary celebrations. Moreover, there are also great packages for professionals who feel tense and need to calm their body and mind to increase productivity and improve their performance. Also for tourists, Suvanapum offer packages that will ensure your vacation is as relaxing as it should be. Even for those who are short on time, there’s an option to get a foot massage that is perfect after walking the whole day through Vienna’s ancient streets.

There are many ways you can support Suvanapum while making your loved ones happier and healthier. Obviously, coming for treatment is best but you can also purchase gift vouchers to be used later. Suvanapum’s dedicated team is looking forward to welcoming you.



The best way to support is to book a massage treatment visit Suvanapum directly at Krugerstraße 8.

Follow and like Suvanapum on Facebook HERE!

If you can’t physically come, you can order products or vouchers online through the website HERE!

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